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Home Staging Tips

By December 28, 2016Real Estate Tips

The Importance Of Staging a Home to Sell

Most home sellers understand the significant importance of beautifully staging their home. They attribute part of the success of selling their home to home staging efforts. Home sellers could often benefit immeasurably from home staging tips, as there is a big difference between just staging a home and staging a home to sell. With some simple, yet game-changing steps, a home can sell much quicker and at a much higher value.



Staging Tips for Southern California Homes for Sale

Most homeowners tend to perceive staging a home from their own point of view. They typically stage a home through the lens of how they appreciate their home and their own personal tastes. Homeowners, dawning the new hat of home seller, often believe the things they enjoy most about their home make the best impression on prospective buyers. What they fail to realize is it may be these very things that do not impress prospective buyers at an open house. In fact, one of the most common mistakes made by sellers has to be the inability to view their home “outside the box.” To solve the problem, they must break away from this perspective. They must look objectively at the interior and exterior features, and gain a new perspective on what really impresses buyers. Re-thinking the presentation of the home features you tend to believe are selling points takes some effort, and often merits help.

Home staging will mean considerations beyond a simple change of wall color or bathroom fixture. It may mean brightening the kitchen with new lighting, extra cleaning of the counter tops, cupboards and floors for an impeccable and cheerful appearance. Why mention the kitchen first? It is one of the most scrutinized and important rooms of an entire home for prospective buyers. It’s all about first impressions when staging a home, and many factors come into play. To gain more perspective, consider sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. With proper home selling tips and a more objective stance, homeowners will reach their true goal of staging their home to sell.


Home Staging Tips From The LaRoche Team To You:

  • Get rid of clutter! Homes appear much larger and attractive to prospective buyers. Cleaning out your closets and cabinets shows off your storage space!
  • Look into the light! Proper home lighting is one of the most important rules when staging a home. Increase wattage in light bulbs and fixtures, and add ambient lighting if possible.
  • Keep it Neutral! Fresh painted walls in a neutral color is a great way to showcase a beautiful room. Avoid bold wall colors as they may actually reduce offers.
  • Fresh Smells Sells! Beware of pet odors. Get carpets and rugs steam cleaned and light a soft smelling candle.


Let the LaRoche Team Help You!

The LaRoache Team has plenty of experience in selling homes with home staging. They know just what buyers look for and help you prepare with the right recommendations and preparation.

You’ll be very glad you relied on the LaRoche Team, as they assist you with every step you need to know about the staging process. You’ll save yourself the frustration often experienced with subtle, yet significant insights overlooked. You won’t be disappointed. Staging your Southern California home to sell for you will result in a worthwhile experience and successful outcome. Contact someone who can really help. Contact the LaRoche Team today.


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