Selling Approach – Our Plan of Action


internet strategyOur Internet Strategy

Statistics show that 85% of all home buyers use the Internet first to find homes. The Internet has replaced traditional advertising, which is why it is critical that your home has a strong Internet presence and is able to grab the buyers’ attention. The LaRoche Team showcases homes on (#1 home buying website), Truila, Zillow, Redfin, Homes, social media sites and our own home buying website, Home Buyer Search Center.




Every one of the team’s listings goes on the number one home buying website, At, buyers are able to view the full property information and sellers are continuously updated about their property’s activity on the site. also records and provides useful information regarding visitor traffic a home recieves. Our experienced agents are able to interpret these charts and information, and create a structured plan to get your home sold quickly, and for the most money possible. For more information, see the chart below:


Your total listing views

This chart provided by reflects the number of online views a home has recieved.



Home Buyer SearchHome Buyer Search Center

The Home Buyer Search Center is an interactive buyer-based website. It contains real time property information. The website is one of the top hits on Google for Southern California, which makes it easy for buyers to find a home search website. Home Buyer Search Center has a monthly average of 14,000 views and has a current database of 3,000 buyers. With this information, our agents are able to actively seek out the perfect buyer for your home.




SEO Blogging

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of inputting keywords into a website. With more keywords, the website will be higher ranked on search engine sites like Google. SEO helps with the visibility of a website or page. The higher rank a website has means the site appears more frequently on the search engine site, which also leads to more visitors for the website. The LaRoche Team effectively uses SEO to make it easy for buyers to find their dream home. The team specifically uses blogs and pages to highlight every one of the team’s listings and their respective communities. Our team also utilizes blogging to bring awareness to estate sales for your property if required. Check out the LaRoche Team blogs here.

Spyglass Estates Whittier Home for Sale, Fun in the Sun, Los Angeles Area Open House Events



social-media-appsSocial Media Campaign

Social media is an important asset to any home buyer or seller. The LaRoche Team utilizes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn to reach a wide range of people throughout Southern California. The team promotes open houses, blogs and all listings on social media to sell houses efficiently and quickly.



Virtual Tour Overview

Virtual Tour – Custom Property Website

The LaRoche Team provides a virtual tour for each listing so potential buyers are able to view photos of the property, property details, agent information, scheduled open houses and driving directions. The virtual tour provides buyers with all the information they may need before viewing the home. As well as being on the team’s website, the virtual tour is also on the LaRoche Team’s YouTube channel.




DriveBy Sign RiderDriveBuy Sign Rider – Mobile Marketing

The DriveBuy system is designed to work with any mobile device. Customers are able to send a text to a specific number, and they will immediately receive information and photos about the desired property in any location.



screens(1)Mobile App

The Keller Williams Mobile App gets the most accurate and up-to-date real estate information right at your fingertips. Clients are able to easily connect with any LaRoche Team agents and send property inquiries instantly. The mobile app allows clients to see property details, photos, scheduled open houses, driving directions and even share the home with family and friends. The app also helps to estimate home loans with a free mortgage calculator.



Real Estate BrochuresCustom Brochures

A custom brochure is created of your unique home. We use professional photography to showcase your homes best features. The high resolution images are then put into an 8.5″ x 11″ full color booklet. The entire brochure includes detailed descriptions of every aspect of your home.

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Real Estate Email FlyersEmail Flyers

The LaRoche Team utilizes, which sends out flyers to over 20,000 realtors and brokers and 30 top RSS feed engines. The flyers are then posted on all social media as well as Craigslist. This service drastically increases the chance of finding an interested buyer for your home.





Home StagingHome Staging

Home staging is one technique the LaRoche Team utilizes to help sell a home. Staging means more than just a new paint color. It means brightening up the home with new lighting, extra cleaning, furniture and art. All of these components help buyers see the potential of the property and make it a home. According to the National Association of Realtors, staging a home can drastically improve the success of selling a home. Here are a few key points:


  • 81% of buyers are more likely to visualize the property as a future home.
  • 46% of buyers are more likely to walk through a staged home they viewed online.
  • 28% of buyers are more willing to overlook property faults.
  • 32% of buyers are willing to increase their offers up to 5%


The LaRoche Team will make sure your home is staged to sell, and makes a memorable impression.



unnamedInfusionsoft – Custom Email Campaign

Infusionsoft is a program that sends out mass emails to over 3,000 qualified buyers. The email flyers contain information about upcoming open houses and contain a link to the virtual tour for the property. With Infusionsoft, every email is tracked with the number of emails opened, shares, forwarding and video watched. Our agents can reach potential buyers at the touch of a button.





Brivity helps the LaRoche Team with task management and client communication. Agents are able to use marketing tools like single property pages, virtual property tours and a Craigslist posting tool. Sellers also have their own client logins so they will always be up-to-date about activity on their property including feedback, completed tasks and marketing tools. Clients will receive an email update whenever a task is completed.



Keller WilliamsKeller Williams Realty Luxury Homes

Terry LaRoche is a member of an elite group of real estate consultants called Luxury Homes by Keller Williams. Luxury Homes by Keller Williams continually raise the bar for service in the luxury home market. As part of this group, Terry LaRoche is able to gain connections, marketing resources and the highest level of expertise.