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Marina Del Rey Neighborhood and Real Estate Vibe

Marina Del Rey Neighborhood and Real Estate VibeMarina Del Rey has to be one of the most focused towns on boating and water sports in Southern California. In fact, just as its name implies, much of it is a major marina. As a result, thousands of boats settle in at their docks inside the marina. Others move back and forth on the inlet. Also, hotels, restaurants and multi-family complexes nestle around the marina’s edges. Boat clubs and The Promenade Marina City Club do the same. Even an exclusive beach, Mother’s Beach and a park, Burton Chase Park add to the ritzy vibe on the marina. Although, the Marina Del Rey neighborhood and real estate vibe is about a lot more than the marina itself. Even a stunning, white sand beach sets the stage on a prime ocean front!

Exclusive Marina Del Rey Neighborhood and Real Estate Vibe

As Ballona Creek empties into the ocean, it edges the Marina inlet, on one side. Meanwhile, Ballona Lagoon makes its way through an area west of the marina. The lagoon waters later mingle with Venice canals. Although, before they do, their path bisects an amazing neighborhood. In fact, some homes in it have the lagoon on one side and Lighthouse Beach on the other. In addition, other homes line the lagoon, with the marina a hop-skip-and-a-jump on the other side. Lovely walk friendly areas line both sides of the lagoon for the enjoyment of everyone.

Marina Del Rey Neighborhood and Real Estate VibeOn the west edge of Ballona Lagoon, Pacific Ave. takes the focus to the beach side of the Marina Del Rey neighborhood and real estate vibe. Many homes in this niche seem to look eagerly toward the white sands and blue Pacific. In fact, before the avenue ends at the Marina Del Rey inlet, it passes dozens of condo complexes and ocean front estates. Meanwhile, a number of side streets feed into Ocean Front Walk. In turn, Ocean Front Walk has nothing but glimmering white sands one side and high-end beach homes on the other.

If someone wants to have a look at the most in beach homes, with Mediterranean weather year round, they should inquire about this Marina Del Rey district. It’s on the A list for location. No industrial or heavy commercial features are around. Instead, stunning water and beach scenes make up your whole back drop. Also, it’s still close to every convenience and need. At the same time, it’s set apart, off to itself. It’s bathed in a coveted, exclusive Marina Del Rey neighborhood and real estate vibe.┬áCome check it out! For full details, contact a Marina Del Rey area expert.


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