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Montebello Real Estate and Neighborhoods

Montebello Real Estate and NeighborhoodsPast East Los Angeles and just north of the Pico Rivera and Whittier communities, you will find Montebello, California. It’s quite an interesting little town with no small amount of great features. For example, to the east you find it flanked by Sycamore Canyon and Rio Hondo. Also, Rio Hondo forms much of the southern border of town. In fact, that area includes some natural, open-spaces and bike paths. A number of subdivisions snuggle right up to the backdrop. Their Montebello real estate and neighborhoods include a lot of lovely, single family homes. They include clean, quiet, tree-dotted streets.

Lovely residential neighborhoods make up much of Montebello. Some include mix-use features. These include multi-family property. Also, they include parks, shopping, services, dining and attractions in the mix. What’s more, fine schools come in the mix in many areas.

Montebello Real Estate and Neighborhoods Close Up

Famous, Whittier Blvd. rolls through the heart of Montebello. As it does, it’s flanked by neighborhoods, schools, parks and malls. In fact, Montebello Intermediate School and Montebello City Park sit catty-corner to each other on either side of the Blvd. Also, Montebello real estate and neighborhoods fan out on both sides. As a result, you find hundreds of homes just in this area alone. Residents enjoy an added benefit of having Montebello High School right in their neck of the woods.

Some home niches spread out just across the road from the high school. They sit on quiet streets in an orderly, well-established fashion. In fact, a variety of ages and sizes can be found in homes here. The same can be found in a lot of Montebello real estate and neighborhoods. A great example of homes quite near the schools and conveniences can be found in one for sale right now. A Montebello home for sale at 305 N 19th St. is worth a look, closeup.

Living in Montebello means being part of a great suburban vibe. At the same time, it means being a part of the heartbeat of everything the town and the Los Angeles area has to offer. It means finding your choice of modest to posh homes, in a variety of established and newer real estate niches. If you want to be a part of that vibe and heartbeat, give a Montebello real estate and neighborhoods expert a call. Find out more about the appeal of a Montebello lifestyle.



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